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Read this before applying

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Read this before applying

Post by Qavs on Sat Jan 28, 2012 5:14 pm

Good day soldiers, I suppose you're interested in joining MyB -(Malaysian Brotherhood Battlefield Group).
Here is something you need to know before you proceed to the next step.

1.) We play almost every day together and most of the time during the evening - midnight.
2.) Microphone is a must. Trial WILL NOT begin if you do not have a microphone.
3.) Matured attitude and mannered. Delinquent behavior are not welcomed.
4.) Respect all members.
5.) You will be reach by our recruiter as soon as possible after your application.
6.) For faster reply, please don't hesitate to add them in Battlelog. Their IGN are : adiru00, JameaPlaysAgain and slasher5boy. PM them in Battlelog and they will teach you how to connect to the TEAMSPEAK / MUMBLE.
7.) While on trial, you will understand how we play and communicate with each other in the Battlefield and it's up to you to decide whether you want to join in the end. In the meantime we will evaluate your skills too such as : Teamwork, Communication, Skills and maturity.
8.) Once the trial ends and our recruiter give you your results and if approved you may change your clan tags to [MyB]
9.) [RM25 / 6 months] will be charged for commitment fees.
10.) All payment must be made within 14 days / 2 weeks after your approval, member fail to do so will be removed from the clan without any notice and the recruiting session will begin again.
11.) Trial session will be held on every Friday, applicant are required to attend the trial session.

Make your payment,

Bank: Maybank
Account Number : 1081 9605 5681
E-mail: monte_carlos_[thirty][at]hotmail[dot]com

Contact: [Zero] 16 - 594 [Zero] 73 [Zero]

Start your topic :

Topic : [NAME/ID]
Desp : [would like to join the MyB]

Copy this form :

Real name :
Veteran status : (e.g : BF 2142, BF2 BC)
Nationality :
Email :
Contact Method (How do we contact you for your trial session / approval) :
Refferal ( If any ) :
Brief Introduction about yourself :
How did you know about us :
How often do you play :
What makes you think we should recruit you :
What's your best role :
What's your best set of skill in the field :
Can you handle orders? :
Payment Slip (Screenshot, Photo, Ref. Number) :

And click HERE to create a new topic.

Best Regards,
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Re: Read this before applying

Post by bronzepig on Fri Mar 02, 2012 4:18 pm

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