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How to setup Teamspeak 3 for communication

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How to setup Teamspeak 3 for communication

Post by bronzepig on Fri Mar 02, 2012 4:16 pm

Setup for TS3

bronzepig wrote:I have received permission from MBT to share this tutorial video on how to setup TS3.

bronzepig wrote:Tutorial for optimizing TeamSpeak 3 (TS3) after Installation and initial setup

How to enter MyB channel without having to scroll and find MyB channel on TS3 every time I login.

Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks > ^ More (left hand bottom) > Default Channel > type in MyB > Apply > OK

I do not want to hear the automated voice for events at other clan's channels.

At TS3, there is an "EYE shaped" icon. If it is Green, click it to unsubscribe to events on ALL channels. So how do I subscribe to MyB channel?
Go to [MyB] channel and right click on [MyB] > Subscribe to channel family.

Now you are subscribed to all events under MyB channel.
Note: There is a "tick/check" on the channels you are subscribed to.

My game volume is reduced when someone speaks on TS3, how do I stop it?

Settings > Plugins > Untick/uncheck "Volume Control"

Now you are good. Game volume will not be reduced with this setting.

If there are any questions, please find for support at Teamspeak FAQs OR Jamea/BronzePig/Atoms/LtChuppy, they will assist as best as they could.

Cheers! afro


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