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Hackers ban innocent Battlefield 3 players

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Hackers ban innocent Battlefield 3 players

Post by Qavs on Sat Jan 28, 2012 10:44 pm

Just as we thought the hacking issue with Battlefield 3 couldn’t get any worse, it now appears it has just that: in order to prove their point against PunkBuster, the cheaters and hackers over at ArtificialAiming have banned over 150 Battlefield 3 players by using a PunkBuster exploit. A forum post claims:

“In 2011 we hit them with a mass ban wave and now were are banning real players from battlelog while ggc-stream is totally unaware. We have framed 150+ bf3 players alone.”
There are numerous threads over at Battlelog about this issue, where innocent players have been banned. The issue has to do with PBBans and GGC — third party services that run on the vast majority of Battlefield 3 game servers.

DICE have stated that they’re looking into the issue, but at this point, hackers have pretty much gotten control of the game. And just to make matters worse, innocent players can now be banned with what appears to be a simple command and the user’s BF3 GUID.

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