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Battlefield 3 PunkBuster exploit fixed

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Battlefield 3 PunkBuster exploit fixed

Post by Qavs on Mon Jan 30, 2012 10:32 am

A few days ago we reported that hackers were banning innocent Battlefield 3 players by using a PunkBuster exploit. Now DICE have announced that the exploit has been fixed, posting on the official Battlelog forums:

Together with the 3rd party service providers we have taken steps to remove the faulty bans, and improve the protection against future fake bans.
We have determined that the root cause resulting in the server bans is not directly related to Battlefield 3, but rather related to select 3rd party services which server owners can use in conjunction with PunkBuster to protect their servers.

However, DICE adds an update to the post, saying that some players are apparently still affected by the exploit. They are continuing to look into the issue.

The exploit involves GGC streaming, a third party service that many game servers run in order to screen for hackers and cheaters. To avoid any issues, players are advised to avoid servers that use GGC.

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