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Upcoming Battlefield 3 patch: what we know

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Upcoming Battlefield 3 patch: what we know

Post by Qavs on Wed Feb 01, 2012 2:06 pm

There have been many bits of information surrounding the upcoming Battlefield 3 patch, and we’ve taken to task to compile all the expected fixes and tweaks that DICE has confirmed will make their way into the new patch, which should be released in early February. The list of confirmed additions:

Commo Rose 2.0: a complete overhaul of the “Q”-button communications interface, with new commands, voice overs, and more.
Weapon specific accessory tweaks: accessories such as silencers, foregrips etc. will now be tweaked on a per weapon basis and not globally. All accessories are expected to be tweaked in this patch.
A fix for MAV riding will be applied
Random “Bad Luck” deaths will be fixed across all platforms.
PlayStation 3 users will see a VOIP fix
Drivers will now get 50 points for “vehicle assist kills”. Pilot assist points will be increased as well.
Sniper rifles will get increased accuracy after aiming-down with Red Dot or Holo sights.

And a few unconfirmed patch notes, but issues/features that DICE are looking into:

The USAS-12 with Frag rounds will be balanced (unconfirmed: DICE has said they are looking into it).
The resupply speed on the M320 grenade launcher might get increased, according to DICE.
Horn sounds will be added to Humvees and other transport vehicles.
Fall damage is being looked into as well.

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